Latest News

These were the most awesome 30 minutes on stage we ever had so far! Here you can find a little review of that event. Thank you for the great support on Facebook and in front of the stage! We wish you a great 2017 and see you next year at one of our next performances! Please click on Live to find our our next stop near your city.

Noctura at CB

New EP!

Hey Guys! The recordings for our next EP are in full progress! We are happy to announce that once again Charles Greywolf from mighty Powerwolf will be responsible for mix and mastering! It’s the first time you will hear our newest member Oli’s drums on a Noctura-recording, which are also recorded at Studio Greywolf this time!

Yes, we play!

You guys are crazy! Almost 780 people voted for us on Facebook and now we will be playing right before Glory Hammer at the 10th December on Christmas Bash! Thank you for all your support! Also, some congratulations to Dieversity, Delirium and Oversense who passed that voting too. See you there!
Christmas Bash